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Thread: You can lead a cat to water ...

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    Mine drink out of the Cat-it fountain. Sam played too much with the 360 fountain and the filters didn't work that well.

    one of my brother's cat has to drink out of a tall glass. It's something mom started and the Louie insists on a glass.

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    Mordred must have channeled my Merlin early on; when he was here (at the Bridge now), Merlin would jump up onto the vanity in the bathroom and insist I turn the faucet on - but not until I'd come out of the shower! He'd sit on the vanity and look toward the shower; once I was safely out, he'd turn and drink. And Mordred does the same thing. But Mordred also insists that I turn the faucet on whenever he wants it on. He'll sit on the vanity, next to the bathroom door, and, if I pass by, he'll meow loudly to let me know he's there. (Well, after all, there's no window in there, and he's mostly black. . . what's a guy to do??) He's even been known to reach out a paw and grab me as I walk by! There's an expensive fountain in the kitchen, but we'll ignore that - we must have absolutely fresh water directly from the faucet. (Lots of fun in the a.m.,when I'm trying to brush my teeth! LOL)

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    I'm a firm believer that it's really important to give your pets only filtered water. If you think about it, tons and tons of pets are dying of cancer... it's horrible, especially dogs are dying but cats too. My aunt has had four dogs die of cancer, it's ridiculous. I'm convinced this is because of the water - there's tons of pesticides, fluoride, lead (just ask Flynt, Michigan) in the water which scientists at the EWG and the EPA have absolutely proven to be linked to cancer (and other things!) in humans, so why would it be OK to give thi water to pets too? I always filter my water and I filter my pets' water too. The only problem is it's kind of hard sometimes to figure out what the best water filter is (some of them don't even work at all). There's a lot of places out there that review water filters such as this blog or here for a basic overview: https:/

    I think it's one of the keys to keeping your pet healthy that neraly nobody knows, but it really makes sense when you think about it.


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