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Thread: Mumei - Happy Halloween!

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    Hello Mumei,

    Wow, you are a gorgeous hunk of kitty cat charm. I love your beautiful fur & your markings.
    You sound like a very lovable & sweet boy. I could look at your pictures all day long. Such a good model.
    Congratulations sweetie on being honored as our delightful CAT OF THE DAY. Long & happy life to you
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    I've been Frosted

    Today is the oldest you've ever been, and the youngest you'll ever be again.

    Eleanor Roosevelt

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    Handsome Mumei

    Mumei is one of the most beautiful cats I've ever seen. He needs to be in a cat calendar. How photogenic. He takes my breath away! What a great story too. You were meant to have him and perhaps the things he looks at in the air are his Guardian Angels!!! Good luck to you and Mumei. What a great story!

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    Mumei, I think you knew what you wanted (to be home where you are now) and arranged matters your own way.

    You are a stunning kitty. Congrats on being named Cat of the Day!

    Meowmie to Mr. Spunky, Lady Jane, Bob, Callie, Kimi, Lucy Lou, and Eleanor 'Nellie' von Fluffytail, aka Her Fluffiness.

    Foster mom to Bella, Smurphette, Monica, Tara, Susie, Hammer, Nikki, Lexus, and Kentucky, who have gone on to their forever homes, and HRH Oliver Woodrow von Katz ,now named PEEter, who lives in Suzy's Zoo Sanctuary.

    Current Foster mom to Mama Sarah, and her kits, Driftwood Barney, Fred, and Wilma.

    I've been Boo'd ... right off the stage!

    RIP Samwise (Dec 2, 2014), Emily (Oct 8, 2013), Rose (Sept 24, 2001), Maggie (Fall 2003)

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    Congrats on being COTD handsome Mumei.

    All things work together for good to them that love God, who are called according to his purpose.
    (Romans 8:28)

    I've been defrosted-- Thanks, Sana

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    What a great set of pictures you have!

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    Mumei, you are so handsome and lovely, enjoy your special day. warm kisses and much of love to you


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