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Thread: Thanksgiving 2014 - weather, traffic, etc

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    Thanksgiving 2014 - weather, traffic, etc

    We are getting his with a nor'Easter her in New England, so I have heard the normal gridlock of traffic happened Tuesday afternoon instead of Wednesday afternoon. We have had, in the following order starting this morning, rain, heavy rain, snow, sleet, rain, sleet, and more rain, and it is still raining. I am betting my sister, who loves south of me and closer to the coast got all rain, and I know Paul's sister in New Hampshire has gotten all snow, but heavy wet snow, and so has no electricity right now.

    Because of the storm, our Thankgiving is going to be very small, as everyone else is staying put where they are, and we are celebrating it one town away, instead of driving to New Hampshire as planned. So I will just be making on kind of cookies, instead of three!

    How is your weather? And has it altered your plans? It is supposed to be over with early tomorrow morning, but I bet the Macy's Parade folks are crossing fingers and toes that the streets get cleaned up enough for the parade and festivities!
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    It's going to be 35* and a chance of afternoon snow showers. Shouldn't be any problems with the little bit of traveling I have to do!

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    We had rain and snow and sleet yesterday. Nothing stuck and only the porches were just a bit slushy, but clean this a.m. Quite a bit of snow to the north of us in the Philadelphia area, but not too bad. Staying home today anyway, so not really any problems for us, and our few guests are local too.
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    We had lots of rain, 2 inches! Also had lots of sleet! Result: plenty of mud, not good with 4 little white dogs.

    This morning is overcast and cold only going up to 39F.
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