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Thread: Hey Pet Talkers! What would you like?

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    Hey Pet Talkers! What would you like?

    We are planning to do some Pet Talk or Pet Dog or Cat of the Day merchandise - would you be most interest in a mug, tote bag, t-shirt - what would you prefer? We would make sure the items are of good quality, of course, that's important!

    Suggestions? Input?
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    T shirt would not be my preference, I personally don't wear them that often, but that's just me. I would prefer a tote bag.

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    I'd buy a coffee mug.

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    I could go for a t-shirt. Cotton is great I hope it says pet Talk on it

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    T-shirt or tote bag, as long as the T's come in sizes and are not humongous as per what charities tend to give out. So perhaps tote bag would be the better way to go, less complicated.

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    Tote bag would be my preference. T-shirt as long as it's not white, or how about a mouse pad?
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    I don't know what a tote bag is.

    I would probably go for a t-shirt, as long it's a good quality, thin, pure cotton with short sleeves, meaning half way down to the elbow and down below the hips. I don't care so much what it looks like, since I would use it to sleep in - comfy is essential.

    A mouse pad is a another good option.

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    Randi, a tote bag is a cloth bag with strong handles - here's an example of one ...
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    As a matter or practicality, a strong-handled tote would be best. Key chains and cups follow. T-Shirts would be great, but I like mine large and loose. 4X or bigger is the shirts run small.

    Mouse pad is a nice idea since these wear out after a while.
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    oo oo!!! A keychain!! I collect keychains! that is my new first choice.


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