i went to the everett animal shelter a couple of day ago to lic chico my cat. i got from them a year ago.. and whille i was talking to them they reported that they are now a no kill shelter.. i felt overjoyed about this because they in the past would put them to sleep .. because there are so many of them.. please get your animals fixed to help save and find homes for the ones that allready are in the erathly world so they arent so over populated. i wondered up and down the spaces where the cats are.. sometime 2-3 cats in each space.. there are so many of them and some are purebreds and beautiful kitties. i wish i could some of the kitties home but i am at my limit on cats.. please pray that some of these animals can find homes without living in a little room in a shelter somewhere.. one space near the front had 3 little kettens in it.. 2 black and orangand white kitten.. i watched them play for about 10 minutes. such cute little babies.. a sheter is no home for them other then the fact that they are safe.. please open your heart to the babies they they find loving homes where they are free to come and go as free kitties without the confiment of a shelter.. 20120822.0401