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Thread: Did I mention THEY'RE NOT STAYING???

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    Did I mention THEY'RE NOT STAYING???

    Okay, Lacey (fka Lucy) and Jackson (fka Puff-Puff) have turned 1 year old this month. They've been at my house since January.

    *raises white flag in defeat*

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    Here's LuLu in the new kitty hammock. Notice the new curtains (and windows)??

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    Jackson is a lovebug. Laceyjean lets me pet her PROVIDING there is food in front of her face. I'm sure with time, she'll get it. *sigh*

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    Hmmm...didn't you say they're not staying?

    They look gorgeous healthy and happy. And not at all spoiled with the window and new curtain.

    Hopefully Lucy will become more pettable as she gets older.
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    They NEED you! You're their Meowmie and that is that! Ain't love grand?
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    Umm - let me think................Yup - you did mention it once or twice, I think.

    What's the total now???
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    Hee Hee... Tinker wasn't staying at my house either and she has been with me now for how many years?

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    WOW do those curtains have sparkles in them? Cool!

    The kits who are NOT staying sure do look comfy, lol.

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    Congrats and Good Luck. I thought Bob, Emily, and Cally weren't staying but that didn't happen either.

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