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Thread: Neighboring Dogs

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    Neighboring Dogs

    What dogs are in your neighborhood?

    Do you tend to see a variety of breeds, or is one or another breed more common?

    On our street, we have two pug/beagle mixes in different houses, a Lab/dane mix, a pair of Wheatens that just moved here, a little white Riley - I think he's a Lhasa Apso, and larger black Riley - a maybe Lab/Golden mix - her coat is like a Flat Coat retriever, but her size and build is closer to a Golden. So no real pattern ...

    We see lots of kinds of dogs being walked over on Commonwealth Ave., too many to count.
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    On our private drive there is a Chihuahua and a small black and white mixed breed. On the main road there is a new Golden Retriever pup, 2 collies, 2 German Shepherds, a small unidentifiable one that gets carried a lot,a Yorkie and some others I can't remember. All these are seen on walks; none are kept outside.

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    There is a 13 acre dog park practically in my backyard. I've got every dog for a neighbor.
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    I already blathered on and on about my mom and dad's block...

    In my building there's a fawn-colored Pug (Sophie), a fawn Puggle (Rocky), a long-haired black dachshund (Bailey), a Yorkie (Enzo), a tri-color Papillon (Cammie) who I just love to pet; and a red short-haired dachshund that's mean and growls at everyone. 3 other cats on my floor, two more upstairs and one on the first floor.
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    We have four Collies, one Husky, one mixed breed, a Golden, and some kind of Pointer.

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    Our neighbors have a German Shepherd mix (Freeway), two houses down they have a Boxer (Dodger), the house across from them has dogs but I've never seen them (I've lived here for 7 years) I believe they are huskies. They may only have one now, but I do hear a dog barking from there more often now than before.
    At the end of our court is a German Shepherd (Maddie). Our neighbors behind us have a white Standard Poodle (Bon) and one of their children has a cream Golden that visits. And there are several dogs we see being walked. One is a chocolate Lab and she lets her potty on everyone's lawn.
    So I guess there are only bigger dogs in my area. Or the people with small dogs do not walk them.
    Our house backs up to a community park so people take dogs there often. Even though they aren't supposed to be off leash while in the park. There have been PLENTY of times that my dogs are going crazy in the corner (that backs up to the park) because of a dog.
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    I live in a smaller luxury apartment complex. I have seen a beagle, pug, dachshund x2, lab, poodle, sheepdog, chi mix?, and another larger dog mix. I know there is probably a few more.
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    Mostly everyone has either Labradors or Goldens, but there's a pug/beagle mix, a little spaniel mix, 2 rat terriers, 1 Boston terrier mix, 2 mutts & a Pittie cross, 1 Lhasa Apso, 1 beagle, 2 pugs & a Rottweiler (extermely aggressive towards people and other dogs, owners are idiots and have absolutely no control over this dog, never gets walked, animal control is a regular visitor due to attacks, dog should have been put down a long time ago), 1 mini Poodle, and I think that's it!

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    Doggie neighborhood, here. Seems every house has at least one! LOL
    Next door: 2 Boston Terriers: Lil Bits and Bacon
    This side of my street: one house has 5 Chis: Taco, Paco, Pepe, Maddie and Paxie (sp?)
    Fluffy, Lhasa Apso
    Across the street: 2 boxers: Princess and Satchi
    Cali, Miniature Poodle, apricot coloring, just 4 months old (awwww!)
    Ben, Golden Retriever
    Marshmellow, Bichon
    Tiger, Pittie

    My yard backs onto the school yard where lots of folks walk their dogs, so we see plenty of them. And as we walk the neighborhood, we know where most live.

    Kia, Akita (friends of ours, though Kia can NOT be trusted around any other animals)( it is pronounced KEYE-ah)
    Cookie, Rat Terrier
    Sadie, Lhasa Apso
    Wilson, Golden Doodle
    Bear, Golden Retriever

    Names unknown: Maltese, Dachshund, Pittie mix, Black Lab.
    LOTS more we see less often.

    Strikes me as odd, we have NO GSD's in the neighborhood!
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    My neighbourhood is loaded with dogs. There is a dog park right across the street from my house, and usually at least 30 dogs a day using it lately.

    My neighbours to one side have three dogs: a Dane, a brindle mix of some kind, and a Miniature Schnauzer (who do nothing but bark and howl all day long and attack the fence when I happen to let mine out for a quick bathroom break periodically), and my neighbours to the other side have two dogs (Bichon Frise). Across the alley lives a small white fluffy, and then I hear a few more large dogs barking constantly, but I don't know what they are as I've never seen them. Down the road is a Basset Hound and a fuzzy mix, a pack of Shiba Inus and an Akita, a Samoyed, some Rottweilers, a few GSDs, and a pair of Border Collies. Down the road in another direction there are a few Dobermans (owned by different people), more Rottweilers, quite a few APBTs, a Shar-Pei, lots of Labradors and Goldens, a couple Boxers and a handful of Bichon/Shih-Tzu looking dogs. I regularly see a trio of Boston Terriers as well. And aside from those dogs, there is always a huge assortment at the park too (Sibes, Dogue de Bordeaux, Malamutes, a pair of Rough Collies, a Sheltie, Weimaraners, a Vizsla, a German Shorthaired Pointer, a Standard Dachshund, Mini Dachshunds, a few Poodles, a couple of Dalmatians, a Malinois, a whole bunch of mixed breeds, etc.) So yes, there are tons of dogs in my area, of all shapes and sizes!

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    In my very small village we have three border collies on the farms, one german shepherd, a siberian husky, a terrier mix, a Jack Rusell, a rotweiler, a poodle mix, a dachshund, a bassett hound, an English Mastiff cross, three black labs, an Australian cattle dog and a Lhasa Apso! and Leo! Not bad for about twenty households They are all friendly except the dachshund which hates everyone and barks all the time.
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    My neighbors have 2 dogs, Rex (lab mix) and buddy (shih-tzu). Some people down the street a bit have a shih-tzu named Jasmine. We have alot of smaller dogs on our street including Bichions, Shih-tzu's, and maltese. We have some smaller mutts to but generally the smaller breed. There is a beagle, a boxer, and a greyhound, and some labs too.
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    I have 2 shih tzus (spelling?), 2 corgis, dachsund, bulldog, 2 teacup poodles, cocker spaniel, 2 yorkies, jack russell, rottweiler, as neighbors in my court. Sometimes we have 2 bassetts when my neighbor is dog sitting for her sister.

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    One family down the street has a bichon. Another has a white miniture poodle who's ALWAYS getting out unattended. About 5x I had to pull over and ring their bell. The dog is either sniffing around the street or walking on the sidewalk. There's a school being constructed across from them and with all the huge trucks and equipment, they'd never see the dog in enough time to stop. The lady of the house always peeks through her bedroom window and I have to yell that "the dog is out again!" The dog always runs away from me, into their back yard, then runs back to me again, like tag, get me if you can. These people really piss me off.

    Back to the question.. a mini Schnauzer lives around the corner, as does a Lab/SharPei mix. Everybody seems to walk their dog down my street but I don't know where they live. Seen 3 Bassetts, a Shepherd, mini poodle, Golden, Akita (who I think lives down the street)

    And then, of course, there's my Logan who rules the street!

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    We're a neighborhood of dogs, some of which I wrote earlier about (Louie's friends) but in total we have- Jack Russel terrier; Standard Poodle; German Sheppard; Yorkie; Bichson; Cavalier King Charles Spaniel; Yellow Lab; Golden Retriever; Shilo Sheppard; Old English Sheepdog and his new friend a Bouvier; Husky; 2 Italian Greyounds. I think that's all - I know all their names too with the exception of the new Bouvier.

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