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Thread: Westminster Dog Show!

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    The herding group! Oh my goodness, I wanted to hug each one of them! And the toy group, those dogs just make me smile. They are so little, smart, cute and fun!
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    Interested in everyone's views

    We all know by now that a Terrier won Best in Show at Westminster, and it seem like they win an awful lot ... why do you think this is? Is it just that the breed standards for the terrier and toy group are more exacting than, for example, the ones for Golden Retrievers or Labradors or Shepherds, so the judge is more able to say that particular dog is one no one could find fault with?

    Not that there is anything wrong wit Sky, I am sure he's a perfectly nice dog ... and congratulations to him!
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    Actually its the opposite, the retrievers have a tougher standard. I honestly think its hard to find a terrier that doesn't have the "ready to go" look that judges like. I would have loved to see the bloodhound win but I don't see anything good coming from the most popular breed, the labrador, winning. Good breeders don't want their breed to become so popular that every dog owner thinks they're a breeder when they don't know genetics from a hole in their head.
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