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Thread: Petco or Petsmart?

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    Those are some really awesome deals!

    Pet Supplies Plus has no sales tax for Black Friday weekend.
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    I prefer whichever one I'm closest to at the time. Neither of them is particularly close by, so I don't usually plan on going. I just happen to be going to another store that's in the area.

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    The new cat tree was half off at Petsmart Friday

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    I prefer petsmart over Petco. The main reason being that Petco imo is very filthy and very disorganized. Plus there is never anybody around if you need to talk to someone. Petsmart is much cleaner, more organized, and there is usually someone there if you have a question. Usually when I go someone is always asking me if I need help with something. IMO also I do think that they do care a bit ore about there fish then at Petco. The Bettas may still be in those cups, but they atleast put some kind dechlor in the cups to keep the ammonia down and whatever. Petco as far as I have seen at mine does not do that. This is just my opnion.
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    I like Petsmart better just because of it's prices, but I wish they would do away with their overpriced one size fits all training

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    I buy all my cat food and litter from Petsmart, as the prices are much lower than Petco.

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    I'm going to update my response since it has been almost 5 years!
    I go to PetSmart for cat food and litter and maybe pick up a toy or something while I'm there. Also, I sometimes take Taggart there for grooming (which I need to do soon).
    I go to Pet Food Express (local chain) for dog food and might pick up treats or toys while there because of the ARF discount.

    I have gone to PetCo only because we got a gift card there and got Zeplyn a coat there. Then I wanted a new coat so I went back to get one. Bought the exact same size, only a different color and it is MUCH smaller than the old one. So, I had my mom fix the Velcro on the old one. Humph!
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