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Thread: Calling all GLEEKS. favorite performances?

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    Calling all GLEEKS. favorite performances?

    So I'm officially a Gleek lol. I'm a late bloomer. I just got into the show this season. I honestly don't know how I didn't start watching this show earlier. Singing? Dancing? a modern day GREASE (sorta lol). It's so me. So anyway... I'm in LOVE with Glee and I know there are some others here who are too.

    What are your favorite glee performances?

    I love "Blame it on the Alcohol"

    YouTube - ‪Glee - Blame It On The Alcohol Official Music Video‬‏

    I also love "should have put a ring on it" Kurt's performance is awesome LOL I LOVE KURT. I love this whole episode and especially the football teams performance of this song too lol

    YouTube - ‪GLEE, Kurt - Single Ladies (Fanvid)‬‏

    Kurt is definitely my favorite character. I love the hair sweep he does :rofl1:

    Ok... SHARE

    R.I.P my dear Sweet Teddy. You will be missed forever. We love you.

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    So many good ones but here's one of my favorites. I also loved "New York"...I'll see if I can pull it up and post.

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    So what did everyone think of last night's show? I have mixed emotions about it ... kinda wish they had said something more about how he died ... just for the character's arc ...
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    I didn't like Santana's performance. I think my favorite was Artie & Sam, and then Rachel. I'm kind of surprised that's the order I liked them.
    I truly feel sorry for everyone's loss - no matter the circumstance around his death. It is tragic, no matter how he died. There are people surviving who loved and miss him, and who are grieving.

    Also- the part where his "mom" says, "How does a parent go on" made me tear up.

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    Rachel's performance was amazing, but Lea Michele is my favorite on the show so I'm probably a bit biased.

    That was such a rough show to watch and I do kind of wish they'd said more about his death like Karen said.
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    So what did folks think of this week's show? I thought, frankly, it was the worst Glee ever, and it was completely stupid to pretend it was shot last year, but was too "controversial" to air then. They way the characters had to constantly emphasize things that were true a year ago (Kurt repeatedly saying "I'm single" and Santana having to pretend her character was just visiting New York, and blew half her college fund shopping - didn't we already hear how she had spent it in a previous episode? - mentioning but not showing Figgins, was all a stretch. The musical numbers seemed more stilted than usual, the whole "let's do something awful so Bree will feel she has to rescue it" Love Chid" thing, and the tree decorating contest ... why couldn't they just do a normal Christmas or other episode without all this dreck? And Becky's character's lines - yuck.

    I did think she made a good Baby Jesus though, at the end.

    Anyone else care to comment, am I way off here?
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    So I finally watched last week's Glee episode, and I have to say I am extremely disappointed in the writing for the Rachel character. It is like they decided to ignore every bit of character development that has taken place over the past two years, and revert her back to her sophomoric self, like she's learned nothing and not matured as a person at all. I don;t know how much longer I'll keep watching if they keep this up.

    And thought it was completely and totally unrealistic, given the density of young hopefuls from everywhere flocking to NY to try to make it on Broadway, that 1) they would cast the understudy separately, rather than give it o their second choice for the lead, and 2) not have anyone else trying out who could sing.
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