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Thread: Car alarms, New tech and birds of a feather?

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    Car alarms, New tech and birds of a feather?

    Car alarms aren't as annoying as the used to be. I remember when they became standard on motor vehicles you turned to see which car was 'talking and winking' in the parking lot. Then it got to the point where you started to ignore them - they were always being set off at all hours of the day and night.

    My personal favorites were the perimeter alarms - I'd walk by a car AGAIN - just to hear it say something cute like "Please step away from the car" or some other nonsense like that.


    I had stopped off at the supermarket and began to get out of the car when I heard the choked sound of a car alarm. It wasn't the high pitched, rhythmic sound.

    It was a deeper, random honking that made me pay attention to it.

    I began to look for the vehicle - I wanted to see the piece of crap that had such a pathetic sounding car alarm - I was waiting to see some Chevrolet or Oldsmobile, a car that had seen it's best years during the Y2K scare or something a bit older?

    I scanned the parking lot and finally saw the cause of all the ruckus.....

    Two giant geese walking the parking lot a few rows down. These two were HUGE. the probably stood about three feet tall and were honking their beaks off.

    I stood there for a second and thought, "Man, I wish I had a camera..." and then remembered my phone does have a camera.

    Now, I have had this phone for about 6 months and have taken about 4 photos with it? It's probably safe to say that I'll never take that photo that will show up on the evening news?

    I slipped back into the car, I was going to get some photos of these two GIANT geese honking about the parking lot!!!! 4

    I started the car and pulled out of the slot in order to get my prize.

    I drove a circular path towards the birds, I picked up my phone, opened it and promptly remembered that I don't know how to take photos with it.

    If I had a 20 minute refresher course, I'd have been in better shape.

    I stopped the car, looked down to see what buttons I had to push and when I looked up?

    The birds had gracefully taken flight over the buildings, honking as the disappeared from sight.

    I sat there for a second, a little bit irritated and feeling stupid.

    I had missed a chance to take some photos of something that you don't see everyday. In my mind I was going to post the photos for everyone to see.

    As I drove back to the front of the store, I thought about missing the opportunity of sharing that moment with people on line and then thought about having those few seconds with my honking friends and smiled.

    Some things aren't meant for public consumption...

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    That was the original "perimeter alarm" - "Too close, buddy - just back off now - we've got strong beaks and re not afraid to use 'em ..."
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