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Thread: Wegmans - do you have one in your area?

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    Wegmans - do you have one in your area?

    There is one opening in our area at last (on April 27th), is it as good as their ads seem to imply? Anyone can take yummy pictures of food, but how are they price-wise, quality and variety wise? just curious about others' opinions and experiences.

    I know, by the way, that one of the befeits of living where I do is I have a wide range of choices for supermarkets - three large chains have stores within 2 miles of my door - Shaw's, Stop & Shop and Hannafords, with a Market Basket within 8 miles, too. Any comparisons to other supermarkets you have shopped?
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    Quality and variety are excellent, prices are high, to say the least.

    Their bakeries, produce and meat depts. are normally well run, but watch your wallet. They compare well to Price Chopper. Shaws' and DeMoulas are far more downmarket than Wegmans.
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    The place is unbelievable - you could spend hours in the cheese department alone!

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