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Thread: UPDATE: lots of great animal projects for October

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    UPDATE: lots of great animal projects for DEC

    SO many great animal and health projects have won grant money from Pepsi. Here are some great ones running for December:
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    Quote Originally Posted by MoonandBean View Post
    I have created a page with some of my favorite projects on it. They are ALL within a real dream of receiving the grant money from Pepsi.

    Cure JM (Ellie..."whisk Luva") has a dear friend whose child has this terrible disease. She has been promoting this cause; I have joined her and they are currently #2!!!!!!!
    Thanks for posting this Deb... I know the mother of the boy was in tears when she saw JM had made it to second, she was so happy... now she is just desperate to keep them there till the end of August. Thanks for your help

    Will be sure to vote for the other causes when I do my voting for the day

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    Thanks Ellie! I have my whole office voting for Cure JM!!!!!

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    Thanks Jenn!!! all can vote up to 10 times per day everyday.

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    I added one that is in 10th place currently and will do the doggies good (replace rusty kennels)...yea

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    I voted! JM is at number two!
    Yikes! I've been Boo'd ... right off of the stage!
    Aaahh, I have been defrosted! Thank you, Bonny and Asiel!
    Brrrr, I've been Frosted! Thank you, Asiel and Pomtzu!

    "That's the power of kittens (and puppies too, of course): They can reduce us to quivering masses of Jell-O in about two seconds flat and make us like it. Good thing they don't have opposable thumbs or they'd surely have taken over the world by now." -- Paul Lukas

    Cassie's Catster page:

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    Quote Originally Posted by cassiesmom View Post
    I voted! JM is at number two!

    Yes! Hoping they can stay there til the end

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    This page has 6 great projects that are in great positions|false|false|

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    562 views and growing

    Please vote today.

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