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Thread: Sweet, Snuggly, Alabama (8/00-7/15/10)

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    Quote Originally Posted by pomtzu View Post
    It doesn't seem possible that it has been a year already. No matter how much time passes, you never stop missing them. {{{Hugs}}} to you and Jonah.
    I agree. Please take care. (((HUGS)))
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    Two years, Snuggle girl, and we still miss you tons and tons. Hope you, Tex, Georgie, Tenny and Binx are together waiting patiently.

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    Johanna,I don't get here as often as I'd like, so I'm not familiar with your sad story, but I AM familiar with the pain, and I am so, so sorry you're suffering it now. Today is hard, but the days to come will be harder as the shock wears off and reality sets in. When it does, try to remember that the sadness is all yours, only yours - your beloved Allie is gloriously alive, perfectly healthy, and blissfully happy - and she wants you to be happy for her. Cry all you need to (and you do need to), but force a smile, no matter how slight, for sweet Allie and the happiness she now knows. (The most beautiful smile is the one that must break through tears.)

    May sweet Alabama's Creator hold you gently in the palm of His hand, comfort you, and help your heart to find peace.

    Lady-in-Waiting to HRH The PrinCESS Althea

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    I missed this notice 2 years back. I am sorry to hear of Alabama's passing and your loss.
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