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    New here

    Hi there,

    I'm Silke, 19, living with 3 cat's (Sloeberke, Orli and Sil), 2 ferrets (Nacho and slayer), a dog (Sanka) and 4 bunnies (Wizzy, Woppy, Wooza and Hopla).
    I met this forum thanks to Lut, who's already a member here, and just like her I live in Belgium.
    I graduated from high school (I think it's high school here) in animal care. Soon I'll start with courses to become dog behaviour therapist, cat behaviour therapist and dog instructor. Reptiles are also a passion of mine.

    Untill my courses start I'll be doing some volunteering in the Netherlands.

    That's the most importent I guess...
    Please don't mind my spelling, I have dislexia so my spelling won't be perfect..

    Looking forward to get to know all of you

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    Welcome! I'm sure that you'll like it here.

    Sounds like you have an interesting future ahead of you. Good luck in all your endeavors.

    And of course it goes with saying, but we all would like to see pics of your fur kids. Love those bunnies names - very cute!
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    WELCOME!!!!!!! It sounds like you really LOVE all animals so you will fit in here great!

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    Welcome! Photos are a near requirement.

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    Welcome Silke,I think you will enjoy Pet Talk and all the Great pet people that are a part of this world wide community. I am Bill and have a dog Koko and two
    cats Kallie and Rascal. I hope you enjoy your Volunteer work in the Netherlands.

    I lived in the Netherlands for 3 years and Lived in a town on the North Sea called Castricum. I enjoyed all my visits to Belgium and probably drove through you hometown,LOST. I stayed that way a lot while exploring your country.
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    A BIG WELCOME from the CREWDon't worry abouot spellingbetween my fat fingers and not thinking it can get messed up real fast.
    GILL & Crew;


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