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Thread: Catwoman, Princess Leia, and More Wearing 16th-Century Renaissance Clothes

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    Catwoman, Princess Leia, and More Wearing 16th-Century Renaissance Clothes

    Andy Warhol once said that in the future, everyone would be famous for 15 minutes, which has proven more than true — especially with the development of a little thing called “the Internet.” These days, a quick and easy way to get your name to go viral is by taking an element of our current visual culture and transforming it into something else like drawing a Disney Princess with tattoos! Or draw a Disney Prince as a woman! OK so most of these trends involve Disney characters of some sort, mostly because they hold a particular place in our minds (yes, and hearts), because kids and adults alike have grown up with them and they stand for a very specific thing. Therefore, when you give Snow White a tattoo it’s supposed to “shock” you into thinking “something” about our culture. Deep Stuff.
    Hot on the heels of every re-imagination of every Disney character ever, comes the transformation of superheroes. Photographer Sacha Goldberger asked: What if they were subjects of classic Flemish portraiture? Answering his own question, his latest series, called Super-Flemish, heroes and villains dressed up to look like actual oil paintings from the 16th century are pretty amazing. C-3PO with a neck ruff! Superman in brocade! Spiderman in a skirt!

    But beyond cool photos featuring some of our favorite characters in really unlikely garb, there’s no real statement or message other than to gain the most clicks possible. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. As we spend more and more time online and we consume so much of our history, news, and entertainment on the World Wide Web, it’s only natural that even “art” starts molding itself into this new mode of communication where the most clicks denote a success. -- by Laia Garcia, Yahoo Style

    Princess Leia
    Dressed in a corset and covered up, this look is a far cry from Princess Leia's gold bikini.


    Chewbacca rocking a ruff makes the wookie seem just a little less menacing — even if he's holding onto a gun.

    When the Incredible Hulk transforms into his green alter-ego, his human clothes tend to tear to shreds.
    But these cullotte-like midi-pants look like they fit the the Marvel man pretty perfectly.

    Darth Vader

    The neckpiece doesn't make Darth Vader seem any more approachable.
    Were there metal welders to create elaborate face masks in the 16th century?

    Catwoman has worn her fair share of sexy outfits so seeing the character dresse up in
    more modest clothes is actually the most shocking part of this picture.

    Peter Parker would never be able to scale city buildings in a getup like this.
    His billowing skirt would definitely get in the way of catching the bad guys.

    With the addition of ruffles, C-3PO's gold
    exterior looks even more chic.

    Can't you just picture this portrait hanging in a great hall in Bruce Wayne's mansion?

    Wonder Woman
    In this voluptuous dress, Wonder Woman looks more like a damsel in distress than the
    superhero that she is. Although the voluminous skirt leaves much to the imagination
    as to what she could be hiding underneath.

    "To begin, begin." ~William Wordsworth

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    Somewhere I saw steampunk renditions of some of this stuff. I think etsy had a steampunk Boba Fett mask.
    I've been finally defrosted by cassiesmom!
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    Wonder Woman looks like Snow White more than herself in that!
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