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Thread: Know What? It's a Dog Shop Online.

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    Know What? It's a Dog Shop Online.

    Hello to all dog lovers and entrepreneurs out there! My brother is asking me to be his partner with a new business and know what? it's a dog shop. I can't resist with that request because I'm also fond of dogs and I feel that it will be an interesting and kinda different. What do you think guys? But, I'm afraid on how do we go on about payments? especially online? Is it safe to do that nowadays? Any ideas,advice, pointers etc?

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    Will you be selling merchandise? Will you take care of fulfillment yourselves? What kind of products or services?

    Taking payments online has many options. There is Paypal, credit cards, online banking payments, etc., you should probably meet with a banking advisor when you are going to set that up! Each has its drawbacks and advantages.
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    Sounds great! Good luck! And yes, get the payment advice from a professional.
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    Hi! Thanks for taking time to read my thread and for sharing your thoughts. It's a dog shop plus will be adding some supplies like dog food and accessories which are my ideas. If you can suggest more merchandise to sell then I would love to consider those.

    About the payments, we're looking into this wireless credit card machine from TSYS. Actually, what captured our attention is about the Apple Pay and Samsung Pay payment option that they feature. As we know, a lot are using iPhone and Samsung mobile phones so we also want to cover that to give more payment options for our customers. We are also adding paypal and western union transfer in our list. So, hopefully we can facilitate this very soon.

    Thank you again and would still love to hear more from you.


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