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Thread: Royal Pet Club giving 10% off thru 2/14

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    Royal Pet Club giving 10% off thru 2/14

    This isn't self-promotion but I guess this sort of post goes here.

    Royal Pet Club, which I love (mostly because of dreamy Prince Lorenzo) is giving away 10% off their stuff thru Valentine's Day.

    The code is LOVE2010.

    That's it. No strings or catches, as far as I know.

    If you go there to buy stuff, Say hi to Lorenzo for me.

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    Never heard of them, will go take a look, always interested in a good deal!

    Here is the web site (she is too focused on her man!)

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    I actually like this site. They offer free samples and I just got a free pet health guide from them that has helped with my beagle's issues. Here is the link for the free book:

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