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Thread: Annoying Ads

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    Annoying Ads

    It is okay that in general places - newspapers, TV, etc., I get Father's Day (and Mother's Day) ads and prompting to buy gifts for Dad when of course my Dad died over a year ago, and I have no progeny so Paul was never anyone's Dad, and he is now gone, too.

    But does every email list I am on, including restaurants, retail places, etc. have to send me Father's Day reminders?

    Does this annoy anyone else?
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    My dad has been gone four years this summer and getting ads and reminders of what to get dad is very annoying!

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    I also get the emails from businesses where I have a rewards card. I figure it's nice for the folks where it applies; and other specials they send do apply to me.
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    Hate them. My husbands dad committed suicide, so did mine and my grandpa. We always celebrated Father's Day for the Grandpa who was alive but sadly he has passed as well. Guess folks wanna sell stuff but it does get annoying. Shawn's only 45 and pretty much everyone in his family has croaked. It is kind of a sad time for us, we try to just ignore it. Maybe we will bring flowers to the cemetery this year. That sounds like a lovely idea.


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