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Thread: International Talk Like A Pirate Day

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    International Talk Like A Pirate Day

    Arr ye matey, today be th' day we celebrate International Talk Like A Buccanneer(Pirate) Day!


    And, if ye dasn't know how t' talk like a swashbuckler, ye can take this site fer a test run:

    (yes, I typed all that myself)
    (don't ask)

    I also set Google to display in Pirate (Google -> Language Tools). You can do the same with Facebook, but I don't know how exactly.
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    By the way, Blue...

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    Shiver me timbers

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    Aye, 'tis why today's Pet o' the Day is Snappy - go read 'is tale!
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    I didna be seein' this thread until now...I had t' cheat on th' translation tho on accoun' o' I be half asleep. I be glad I got some sea dog time in!

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    I totally forgot about this! A friend of mine loves anything to do w/pirates and when I found about TLAPD, she was thrilled! When I worked at the church rectory, I had the staff and priests talking like pirates; it was hilarious! We even had our own pirate names, too. My girlfriend got a bulletin on her phone yesterday and we talked like a pirate (for about a minute because we couldn't think of anything else to say). What fun!

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