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Thread: Dogs are sooooooo wonderful!!

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    Dogs are sooooooo wonderful!!

    I read this today....Dogs are just such wonderful creature!! God must have smiled as He created them.....,2933,...est=latestnews
    Shannon, Boomer, and Sooner

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    Wonderful story - thanks so much for posting the link.

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    I hate when movies end like that....

    Who kept Odie/RaeLee? I am torn. It sounds like he really loves his dad so to be given away is ruff.

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    What a sweet story.

    Special Needs Pets just leave bigger imprints on your heart!

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    It is a wonderful story but, how does it end? Did Odie get to stay with
    the new family or go with his owners? Either way, Odie is a keeper.
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    Yeah, the author was kinda vague, but I got the impression the man let the family have him...which I probably wouldn't be able to do....
    Shannon, Boomer, and Sooner

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