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    I lost the last of my little gerbils, Nightshade, early this July, and as I haven't been around very much lately never got chance to post about her.

    Nightshade was a real sweetie. She was the most affectionate gerbil I've ever come across, and as she aged seemed to come out of her shell more and more. She died peacefully in her sleep just three days before she would have turned three years old.

    RIP sweetie. xxx

    Zimbabwe 07/13

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    I am so sorry about Nightshade, Zara. She was quite old for a gerbil though. May the sweet little girl Rest In peace
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    So sorry to hear about Nightshade.She lived a wonderful loved life with you.
    Rest in Peace Nightshade
    Rest in Peace my sweet kitties Pumpkin(April2003-Sept 3,2013) and Zippy(Oct 1999-August 22,2015)
    I will always love and miss you both

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    I'm sorry about Nightshade.

    Forever in my heart...Casey,Ginger,Corey,Mandy,Sassy,Lacey

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