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Thread: Vaughn Garber

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    Vaughn Garber

    Garber made his final journey this morning on his own.
    He was 2 years and 11 months old.

    For those who might not have seen the thread in Pet Health: a recent vet appointment showed that both of Garb's lungs were inflated. Yesterday he would not eat nor drink and I could tell by the look in his eyes that he was ready to go. He passed away just twenty minutes before the vets opened... today was the day I was going to help him to the bridge by having him PTS. I am glad he was able to go peacefully on his own instead of having to make a stressful trip to the vet. My heart is still broken, though...

    This rat meant so much to me. He was such a big, squishy lovebug. He was always one of the first to greet me when I walked in my room; when I would let him out of his cage he would run straight up my arm onto my shoulder. He would stay there for hours if I allowed it. He had a marking just above his tail in the shape of an upside-down heart... something I always loved to point out to people. Gosh.. I'm going to miss this little bugger.

    Rest Easy, Garbie. I hope you are having a marvelous time up at the RB with your old buddies Sid, Venny, and Otto. The group is finally back together again. I will always hold a special place for you all in my heart.

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    Oh no. I'm so sorry. I guess it was just Garber's time to go. I'm sure he's happy and healthy at the RB with his friends again.

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    Aww, Gerbie. May the little cutie rest in peace. I hope star greeted you baby. I am so sorry for your loss.
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    I am sorry to hear that Garber didn't make a recovery. At least he isn't in pain or suffering. I must ask, was he named after the TV show ALIAS in any way?

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    Thanks you guys.

    Quote Originally Posted by Moesha View Post
    I must ask, was he named after the TV show ALIAS in any way?
    Nope, I can't say he is. I basically just pulled his name out of thin air.

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    I am so sorry to hear about Garber.He lived a wonderful loved life with you.
    Rest in Peace Garber
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    I'm very sorry for your loss.
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