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Thread: missing PT members.....

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    Sep 2005
    At university in Hertfordshire, UK
    I don't suppose that I count as a missing member, as I do pop in from time to time, although I'm so far behind on everyone's news these days.

    I'm approaching the culmination of my 4th year of university, with 2 years (goodness, it's a long slog!) still to go. I'm spending my summer out on placement, so will be busy as ever. I had my first tentative attempts at surgery earlier in the year, which was a wonderful fusion of elation and pant-wetting terror. Everything lived! Before anyone asks...

    I also won an externship via an essay competition through my college, in which I wrote about and presented my thoughts on the role of vets in wildlife rehabilitation. It's still, rather frustratingly, in its organisational stages at the moment, but I'll try to update when it's all go. Naturally, there will be a picture thread following the trip!

    After three years of renting a flat in London, I'm glad to be back in a household in which pets are allowed! Current lodgers are 4 rats, two of which are mine and two belong to a housemate. I posted some pictures of them when they first arrived, back in October last year, although I realise I have been woeful in updating since then. A recent addition is a rescue hamster, Hulk, who was my housemate's impulse purchase after we went out to buy, of all things, a sink plunger. We did get the plunger as well. He was pretty nervous of being handled when he first arrived, but he's come on leaps and bounds in the space of a few weeks. By the next time I post, it's highly likely that I'll have brought something home from placement! I'll be overrun by the time I've qualified!

    Really nice to see a few familiar usernames I haven't seen in a while. And great news regarding K9 Karen.

    Zimbabwe 07/13

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    Mar 2004
    Vancouver Island, BC
    I'm not too sure if I count as missing either, but I'm BACK - for those who remember me! I suppose it's been roughly 5 years since I stopped posting regularly. I have stopped by on rare occasions to do a little snooping, but that's about it. I see a lot of new faces around here and am happy to see many of the old timers still kicking around. Missed you guys!

    I'm 27 now, I was 16 when I joined lol... so a lot has changed. I still live with my parents ... which isn't ideal, but it's all I can manage for now. I recently attended Vancouver Island University and graduated from their Hospital Unit Coordinator (or Clerk) program so I'm trying to get a job at any of the hospitals here on the island. No luck yet though... I do have full-time work in the meantime. I've worked with the same company now for the past 9 years, it's a local grocery chain... I manage our file maintenance department. Basically I take care of all price changes, signage, do data entry, etc. It's an alright gig - don't want to do it forever though. I'm hoping I can get a second job at the hospital and then I'll be able to afford my own place, and hopefully add some new furry family members into my life. Maybe next year!

    I've always been into photography but in the last 3 years it has sort of become a side business. I'm still very much an amateur, and have a lot to learn. I do mainly photos of newborns, families, engagements, weddings, etc. I also still do my artwork - although not NEARLY as much as I'd like. Feel free to check out my website.


    Here's some "new-ish" pictures of me.

    Owned by...
    (Betta) Neptune
    (Bunny) Chester
    (Cats) Misty and Squeekers

    *Pet Portraits*

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    Both you and your cat are adorable Manda, good luck with the job search! I'm sure you'll find something that fits soon enough. Love the Island, husband was born there and we go over often. Nice to see ya.

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