hello.. today forty years ago I went to a group meeting and I saw Diane who went upstairs and Kerrie was in my group.. I said in group I don't want to be rejected. and only one person spoke up and Kerrie said I will not reject you. Kerrie had a boy friend and Diane was single so I chose Diane and we married and separated three year later due to family interference .. I went with Kerrie for about 6 years then we parted.. in 1996 Diane's father passed away and I made a phone to Diane mom and she said call mike spitz.. I call mike spitz and he said Everett Madison house a group home I called there and found diane.. a few day later she smoked a cigarette so she could get kicked out of the group home.. she come to my door and I let her in. I let her stay for 16 years until she passed 12 6 2012 and I told Kerrie as she was a ex girl friend .. Kerrie had a boy friend but not engaged so I started looking at a couple of girl I thought were nice and Kerrie blurted out pat I want you damn it come to me so I dropped everything for Kerrie.. I only had 2 girl friend in my life I loved.. Diane my wife and Kerrie single.. I thought the boys were to chase the girl but Kerrie mad it clear she wanted me so that the story of my love and 2 girls friends.. this wasn't leap year.. I miss buttons my mom and Diane and salmon.. I still have peaches and Chico 20140404.1947