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Thread: The Brave and Fluffy Cats Who Served in World War I

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    The Brave and Fluffy Cats Who Served in World War I

    I meant," said Ipslore bitterly, "what is there in this world that truly makes living worthwhile?"
    Death thought about it.
    "Cats," he said eventually. "Cats are nice."

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    So glad the stories were recorded along with the pictures! Thanks for sharing this with us!
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    They sure liked to camp out in the gun barrels!
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    Maybe the gun tubes were the shipboard equivalent of a shoebox? I KNOW I can fit in here.....

    They were likely staged, however, as normally when not in use a ship's guns would be covered by tampions, covers to keep out the seawater and salty air, preventing corrosion.
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    Many of these pics were just good examples of "If I fits, I sits". Cats haven't changed much, have they?
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