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Thread: Anyone watch TV on your PC?

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    Anyone watch TV on your PC?

    In an effort to save money and make better use of my time, I cut out cable TV from my budget. I've got Netflix and watch alot of shows instantly. I'm missing TV a bit now (it's been nearly a year!) I'm interested if anyone knows how to watch TV on your PC? I know some shows are run on the network websites but I wanted something more general and broad. I found this:
    but I'm not sure I trust it. Any suggestions/opinions? Thanks!

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    Probably the best (and easiest) way to get tv on your computer would be just to get Cable back and buy a Tv Tuner card for your computer like this one:
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    I have had a tv tuner card in my pc since 2004. I watch all my tv on my computer. Hubby has a tv card in his as well. When we want to watch something together, we'll go to the living room and watch tv there.

    I love being able to watch my tv shows here at my desk while I do my homework or just surf around.

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    I also watch almost everything on my computer. I like Also, if there is something you really want to watch, and you can't find it online, you can probably buy it from itunes for $1.99 an episode.

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