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Thread: Kitten and outside

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    Kitten and outside

    I took pixel outside on a leash once, she LOVED it. Problem is now she is obsessed with going out. She meows at the door and scratches the screens. I stopped letting her out as I don't want this behaviour to continue. She also escapes outside if you're not paying attention. She is not an outdoor cat and never will be. What should I do? I really want her to go out with me on her leash but not have this annoying behaviour. Shadow used to escape outside too and he'd take off. I don't want this to happen. I worry every time I can't find her and I'm out where there are a lot of foxes. Should I just never take her out again and hope it goes away?

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    A couple of thoughts here.

    Use toys and catnip to distract her.

    Even better - look around for an inexpensive outdoor enclosure. Search online for ones that can be home-built.
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    Can you establish a routine, so she knows every day at a certain time she gets to go out on the leash?
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    I had the exact same issue with Jax. Took him out a couple times on leash (and once or twice without the leash) and he would cry at the door. In fact, sometimes he still does cry when I'm out with the dogs.
    I just flat out stopped taking him out. Because, like you, I don't want him darting out the door. Sometimes, very rarely, we will take him out the door holding him. But won't let him down.
    He outgrew his harness and I never bought a bigger one. So that makes it easier to not take him out.
    I would LOVE to have a cat enclosure. If you could do that, Pixel would appreciate it.
    Like Karen said, stick to a routine and maybe she'll catch on.
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    My first cat, Amber (Mr. Amber Cat) was an outdoor stray I brought inside. The only way I could make it work was to take him out once daily on his harness and leash. We had to walk around our apartment building TWICE. Not once, not 3 times, TWICE. Then he willing went back inside. On these walks, I used a retractable leash; I was required to remain at the end 10 feet away, and walk as noiselessly as possible, while he did his "tiger in the wild" routine. If my sneakers crunched on gravel, he would straighten up, come out of his tiger stalking pose, and glare at me over his shoulder. We went out daily year round, did not matter if it was pouring rain, blistering hot, or icy and cold.

    My apartment was on the 3rd floor, and had a balcony. I got a cat door and Amber LOVED to spend time on the balcony. He never jumped off; though he did push baby Chestnut off twice, when I brought that wee kitten into the family.

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    Well I'm starting school (college) in the fall so I'm trying to devote most of my time towards that. I probably won't have time to keep a regular schedule with her at that point. I probably will just not let her out. I don't think I have the space for an enclosure at this point in time and I doubt I'd be allowed to make one. This house is temp til I graduate and then hopefully i'll have a bigger place that I can do something with an enclosure. We had one at my dads for Shadow and Kiba and they loved it. It was just really ugly. I guess I'll just be keeping her indoors 100%. It just breaks my heart a little knowing how much she'd love to play outside....I just can't have her getting out.

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