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Thread: Accused dog hoarder says she’s devoted her life to taking care of animals

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    Accused dog hoarder says she’s devoted her life to taking care of animals

    This woman has previous charges in other locations. She is truly to be pitied - she doesn't get it. I have a tendency to hoard (not animals!) and know that the best of intentions do nothing to help the situation.


    All the dogs are recovering.

    Ryan White, CTV Calgary
    Published Friday, January 30, 2015 4:13PM MST
    Last Updated Friday, January 30, 2015 7:42PM MST

    The woman at the centre of the largest dog seizure in Alberta’s history says she fears for her own safety following an onslaught of threats which have occurred online and in public.
    Earlier this month, approximately 200 dogs were removed from an acreage east of Milk River. Court documents indicate five dead dogs were located on the property while the surviving animals were tethered in and round abandoned vehicles and farm machinery. The majority of the dogs were without shelter from the winter elements.
    In an email to CTV, April Irving says she is devastated by the loss:

    "Poking nose out" - dog seized from acreage near Milk River (April Irving)

    "Puppy car ride" - seized dog from Milk River acreage (April Irving)

    "Playmates crashed out together after big feed," April Irving's caption on supplied photo

    "We are family. I'm not a fool: I didn't want all of them, that's why I surrendered an amount of them. I had literally slaved 18 hour days a day to meet their needs, non-stop, every day. The officers know I fed them over 4,000 pounds of wild game the week before I surrendered them."

    Over the past eight years, Irving has had a total of 319 dogs seized from her possession. In Saskatchewan, she has been banned from owning more than two dogs.

    Irving says she had dedicated her life to animal care. She is unwilling to appear on camera over safety concerns. Since the dogs were removed, Irving has been threatened in public and online.

    The seizure of the dogs caught Irving off-guard as she believed she had reached an agreement with the SPCA which would permit her to keep six animals. She was shocked to discover SPCA officials seized all animals from the property.
    Irving has not been charged in connection to the SPCA investigation, as officials continue their review of the matter.
    A lawsuit has been filed on Irving’s behalf against the SPCA for unspecified damages and to have the dogs returned.

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    Mental illness is difficult to treat, there should be a national registry of such people, so moving provinces doesn't wipe the slate clean.
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    I just hate hearing this crap. Clearly, if someone says they are no fool, they probably are. Call it whatever, who could take care of that many dogs or even try too. The helpless animals have to suffer because this person is a hoarder/lunatic/nutter/ill. Yes there should be a registry of some bloody sort, this makes me sick. They were in terrible shape, she should be locked up.... and never have pets again.

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    I know it's ridiculous but I'm feeling guilt by association because she's Canadian. Reminds me of the murdered huskies in B.C. and just yesterday a woman here in the lower mainland got 6 months. Apparently she was dog sitting 6 dogs, left them alone in a hot car in the summer and all of them died. She then lied and said someone stole them. Meanwhile she went and buried them in some hidden location. It truly makes me ill, who are these people and WTF?

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    Oh, we have plenty home-grown hoarders and abusers here in the good ol' U.S. of A., too.. and I think every country on the planet has them. Unfortunately. No need for you to feel guilt by association because this one is Canadian.

    Good idea what Karen suggested.. and I think every country should have its national registry.
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    Awww, yes, if it even saved one animal or even a puny fraction of them it would be a blessing alright. Sigh

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    I agree, there should be a national registry of such people. It's probably difficult to track down all these animal abusers in some places, since a lot have neighbor too far away to notice what's going on / and some don't care.

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    mon, I think she dumped them in a ditch. One of them was her own dog. 6 months is nothing to the guilt she will feel for a very, very long time.
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