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Thread: Today's lesson(s)

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    Today's lesson(s)

    I have an iPhone 4, we bought it several years ago. When we did, Paul did some research, and knowing what a klutz I am, insisted we get the sturdiest possible case for it.

    Well, sometime yesterday, it fell out of my car, probably, and landed in the parking lot unnoticed. In the course of the subsequent 18 hours, it was rained on and run over - the screen is all in place but shattered. As it turned out, it all works just fine, but I have already gotten a splinter from testing it.

    1. Buy a case! It's so worth it!


    2. There are shops in malls that will repair broken cell phone glass in 15 minutes!!!! Yes, it costs money, but far less than a new phone, and much much much less than redoing all the information and contacts from the existing phone.

    Who knew?
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    Glad it works and you can get a new screen put on, but of course, it's an Apple product, so I'm not surprised.

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