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Thread: Water, drought, floods

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    Water, drought, floods

    We are supposed to get more rain tonight, "heavy at time" while some rivers were at flood levels earlier last week - nothing drastic, all the usual places ... and I remember not too long ago Georgia was dealing with low water levels and drought, but they are currently getting drenched.

    How's the water level where you are? Normal, high, flood, drought? Just curious Do state your place when you post, I am of course just west of Boston, Massachusetts.
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    Southern IN is soaked! We've had a lot of rain the last week. I don't live near enough to the river to be concerned, but we do have moderate flood warnings.
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    Here in Northern California were are still in a drought situation. The last week we had a couple good storms but only enough to change it from a disastrous situation to dismal.
    And this week we are looking at upper 70s and into the 80s.
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    I think the national media decided that CNY residents don't panic easily.

    We had 2 rivers at or above flood stage last weekend. Local reaction? Yea, it's spring, move on. The previous couple of years have yielded breathless coverage of the rivers at or over flood stage, which happens at least once a year due to the geography. This year, no coverage whatsoever. The amusing part of the flooding is that the National weather service warned of flooding in the area the morning after I drove through and saw the Tiogoughnioga wandering beyond its banks.
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    Rain and more rain. The river was close to flooding in the next town. Same river is half a mile from me but does not flood here.

    I have no yard left, just water and mud. Geez, I hate spring. I'm in NE Ohio.

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