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Thread: Horrible Horrible Situation

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    Horrible Horrible Situation

    In southeastern New England this week we were appalled to learn of a depraved case of animal abuse.

    A woman and a man were arrested. They had been "rescuing" animals from CraigsList, promising the owners they would give their pets a good home. But in reality, they were taking these animals to sell, and if they could not sell them quickly, the poor things were starved and left to lie in filth. When the police came, they found over 2 dozen dead animals and about another two dozen still alive, but in very bad shape.

    These two cretins also apparently took in farm animals as "adopted" pets too, because a few days later it was reported goats, ducks and other animals were found in a terrible state at an abandoned home and yard in a nearby town. The two creeps were responsible for this as well.

    I know everyone here must know of the danger of using Craigslist to find an adopter..I've heard stories of people who feed guinea pigs to their snakes, convincing the owner they were taking in these animals "to give them a good life".

    But the extent to which these two avaricious, disgusting "humans" went to make a fast buck is beyond the pale. WAY beyond. I hope they get many years in their own cages.

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    Gonna vomit now. No,really. Thank you for sharing, we need to know that there are cruel predators out there looking for free snacks to feed their illegal anacondas and what not. The reality is that they see animals in a very different, money making perspective. I assume they figure peeps eat chicken, cows, fish. All carnivores, no biggy eh? Life is a tad weird occasionally.

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    I moved this to The Dog House - where we keep upsetting subjects and posts.

    I hope these people are prosecuted to the fullest extent the law allows.
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    Jake Brousseau was already on a Do Not Adopt list.

    Both have been found competent to stand trial.
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    How utterly sickening.

    Lock those "people" up in a cage and let them starve to death in their own filth.
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    There was a similar case in Chicago last week. A man's neighbors reported him to the police and 10 pit bulls were rescued from the home. The man was charged with 10 counts of cruelty to animals and 10 counts of failing to perform animal owner duties. They also found dog fighting equipment in his home and I believe that's also a felony in Illinois. The dogs went to Chicago Animal Care and Control for medical evaluations, but the last I heard on the news was that a pit bull rescue organization was arranging foster homes for them, and they would get out of Chicago Animal Care and Control as soon as everything was in place. It makes me sad, but also sick to my stomach when I hear these stories.

    So here is a complete 180-degree turn. My mom and dad live on a side street now, and some of the people in their association have dogs. I was over there yesterday to watch the NBA game. As I was heading for their door, their neighbor was outside with her Shih Tzu dog, who greeted me like I was her absolute best friend ever! (Bark, bark, bark! Tail wag, tail wag! Bark, bark!) Which she does every time I go there and she is outside. She's so funny and cute! Their neighbor said I can pet her any time they're outside, she looooooves attention and petting. So that was a nice moment after hearing about the rescued dogs.
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    Held without bail and they'll be getting a psychiatric evaluation.
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