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Thread: 5 Dogs In My House for 2 Whole Weeks!!

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    5 Dogs In My House for 2 Whole Weeks!!

    While my sister and her husband are away at vacation, guess who's babysitting her two furkids? Yup. Its been fun. They love to have zoomies with one another in the backayrd. But yikes giving attention to 5 dogs isn't as easy as it seems, esp. when they try to win you over with kisses!! I've been drowned in kisses!! Today was so cute though Didi & Princess started to bark at the noise outside and Honey started to howl along. I guess girls in whatever species are the most outspoken!!

    So yeah on to the most important part, pictures!!

    My what a long tongue you have!!

    I wasn't doing anything, honest!!

    ....Just waking up Princess from her beauty sleep. I just want to play!

    They call it puppy love...


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    Lucky looking decent

    Oh noes!! Flash!

    Hey you with the camera, give me!! (pulling on the camera string)

    I get away with everything with a face like mines!

    Everyone's all pooped from all the puppy fun!!

    Why the need for 5 doggy beds, when they use one another as pillows?


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    Looks like a lot of fun! They are all so cute.

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    Puppy Overload!!!

    Great pictures!!
    ~Angie, Sierra & Buddy
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    Yep, cuteness overload alright. I think you are going to have a great week. Your face is going to be sore from all of the smiling and laughing you are going to be doing this week.

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    Hopefully I can take them to their very first dog park sometime this week!!

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