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Thread: Frontline VS K9 Advantix

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    Frontline VS K9 Advantix

    Just wondering which one you all think is the better product? My vet just recently stopped carrying Revolution, which is what I have used on Noba for over a year now. If not Frontline or Advantix, any other thoughts on product choices? Thanks all.

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    I use Frontline PLUS on my 4. It's the only thing that will work here in Florida.

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    Take a look on this site, there's a discussion about Frontline versus Advantix.

    I use Advantage for my cat, and he has never had one single flee.

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    I just applied Frontline plus to Frankie last night. I've never tried Advantix, but I have never had an issue with Frontline, so I haven't switched.
    Thank you Amy!

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    I've always used Advantage on the pups & the kitties. I'm happy with
    the results.
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    I have always used frontline plus on all of mine, and they have never had fleas since I started using it.

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    I only bought a couple for Dasher and I can't remember which one it was. But it doesn't seem to work as well as the ones used before by the SPCA. The vet suggested I rotate the two. Does anyone do that? I just wish he could be on Revolution but they don't suggest that for dogs that have been through the heartworm treatment.

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    Advantix has the best commercials! But I use Frontline Plus for my two dogs. I use Revolution on my cat.

    I've never tried Advantix, so I have nothing to compare to. But Frontline Plus has always been fine for my gang. No ticks and no fleas.


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    I've always used Advantage on DJ and Zoee. But then we needed something for ticks too. We got Advantix and used that. Then I heard Advantix was deadly to cats, so now we use Frontline. My brother uses it on his dogs too and it works great. My brother lives in a bad tick area.
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    There is one reason while I will NEVER use Advantix..It's deadly to cats. You can't use it even if you have cats in the house. In my opinion it's not worth the risk. You would have to be so careful even if you didn't own cats to make sure your dog never came in contact with them after the flea meds had been administered.

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    Right now, Hartz, for fleas ticks mosquitos and eggs. Hartz also has the chemical that can't be used on cats in most of its flea products. Our animals never get anything though. Not even a tick from camping.
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    I use K9A..and (howls MZ Klo) *There ain't no bugs on meee...there ain't no bugs one meeeee....*

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    Quote Originally Posted by K9karen
    I use K9A..and (howls MZ Klo) *There ain't no bugs on meee...there ain't no bugs one meeeee....*

    I LOVE that commercial. I walk around the house singing it sometimes. The furries think I'm bonkers.
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    well i dont know about the Advantix being deadly to cats, seeing as i have a cat and i have used it since it first came out, with the recommendation of my vet, never once has bei-jing ever had any problems. I dont use it on her, i have only used it on the dogs, but she has never been sick or anything from it. I have tried frontline before and it just does not work as well as Advantix in my opinion. It keeps all of the fleas,ticks, and mosquitios away, Ginger when she was alive was extremely allergic to fleas and mosquitos and thankfully as long as she had it on her she never had any problems. I dont know what part of florida other people are in, but where I am, it works just fine.

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    Between Frontline and Advantage, I've heard of alot less problems with Advantage and Advantage is the only one that will take care of lice. I do live in a very high risk area for lice (fleas aren't too bad), but I don't like using chemicals on my dogs so I leave them as is...Haven't had any problems so far. Advantix I know nothing about but I am wary of all companies that do alot of advertising.
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