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    new here

    hi, i'm megan and i'm new to pet talk. i got this site from my friends. they said it was fun to read the posts, but they never registered for it.
    i have tons of pets. i have four horses named ginger, black, white star and stormy. ginger is a chesnut horse and she belongs to me. black is my younger brother's horse. white star is my sister's horse, but she moved away a year ago so now i take care of white star. stormy is a pinto and is my brother's horse
    we also have 2 cats named amber and scarlet. they are sisters calico cats. they love to hang out around the barn but sleep in the house at night.
    we have a family dog named christy. she is a border collie.

    that is all my pets. thanks for reading my posts and pet talk is great so far

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    Welcome to PT
    ♥Bri, Michael, & Amelia♥
    ♥Brennan & Bailey♥

    In Loving Memory <3
    Roxy Lily Brennan

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    PICS! I am a bit of a border collie freak lol I need piccies

    oh and WELCOME!
    Mom to:
    Misty-10 year old BC Happy-12 year old BC Electra-6 year old Toller Rusty- 9 year old JRT X Gem and Gypsy- 10 month ACD X's Toivo-8 year old pearl 'Tiel Marley- 3 year old whiteface Cinnamon pearl 'Tiel Jenny- the rescue bunny Peepers the Dwarf Hotot Miami- T. Marcianus

    "sister" to:

    Perky-13 year old mix Ripley-11 year old mix

    and the Prairie Clan Gerbils

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    Welcome to PT! We love phtos here. Looking forward to "meeting" all of your pets in pictures in the various forums.
    Thank you Karen, for fixing my siggy!


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