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Thread: Hello Everyone!

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    Hello Everyone!

    I was refered from Toller 08 to join Pet Talk. (thanks Toller) I just recently joined Chazhound and have enjoyed my experience so far. I am from the sunny state of Florida and I love my dog Ox. Ox is about 2.5yrs old and his breed is unknown. I have had 3 different opinions from 3 different so called dog experts. Here's the story: When I first adopted my pup from the Humane Society he was about 6-8 months (they couldn't tell me for sure). He was labled as a pit/shepard mix. After about a yr I went through some drastic and dramatic changes in my life that unabled me to keep him. So, I gave Ox over to Animal Services. My life got better in the next 3months and I checked with animal services to see if Ox was still there. He was and I adopted him back (thank the Lord!) Animal services said Ox was a hound/lab mix. When I recently took Ox to the Vet she said he is greyhound or whippet/ pit mix. So obviously I am really confused as to what breed my dog is mixed with. I hope to be getting a new camera here soon (mine old one broke ) so can show you all pics. Then you all can give me your opinion as to what Ox is. I am very exicited to talk with each and every one you too!! DOGS RULE
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    Hello and Welcome to PT!
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    welcome!! Ox sounds very pretty can yo post some pics...... maybe we canīt give you an accurate guess but itīs worth the try, besides we love breed guessing........ enjoy your stay!!

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    Welcome to PT. I look forward to seeing pictures of Ox.
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    Welcome to Pet Talk. I have two cats named Angel and Snow and a Beagle named Duke. Can't wait to see pictures of Ox. He sounds adorable!
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