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Thread: "FREE" Pet Tag offer

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    "FREE" Pet Tag offer

    On line pet product store

    Go to "tags" on the left side menu.

    They have one for "free," just pay $1 for shipping and handling. For their new customers, only (if you ever orderd from them, you may be out of luck.)

    Even their other tags are $1.00 plus a $1.00 shipping and handling fee.

    Haven't had time to check out their other pet items, just thought I'd pass this along!
    I've been BOO'd!!
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    Wow, thanks! I was just thinking today that I will be needing to get new tags when we move. I don't see an ending date on the offer, I hope it will still be good next month. (we should have a phone no. then)

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    Wow. Thats a good deal. I know that we went to Petsmart and bought 3 tags and it was 8.50 a tag and then we bought the rubber 'silencer' piece for .99 or so. Was TOO much for simple dog tags... shoot.

    Would have bought some there.. thats a GREAT deal! =)

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