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Thread: Petstores selling puppies!!!!

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    Petstores selling puppies!!!!

    Today my mother and I went out to shop for my newest addition a Bearded dragon (Just getting her tank ready before I bring her home).. We went to a local Petstore (that doesn't sell puppies/kittens), there I saw a girl holding what looked to be a Shihtzu Chihuahua mix puppy (barely 5 weeks old I bet).. We left and went to another (larger) petstore across the highway, of course I went straight to the back of the store to see what kind of puppies/kittens they had for sale..

    Low and behold there they were.. Three small shihtzu/Chihuahua pups for sale ($800.00) to boot (Looked exactly like that girls puppy across the street)... I couldn't beileve it..IGNORANCE!!! Why would somone pay $800.00 for a mut that was much to young to have even left its mother???

    In the same pen was also 2 TerripooX puppies for $699.00 each.. Then in the pen next to them were two bordercollie/aussies for $500.00 GRRRRR

    It's one thing to see these puppies in a petstore, stuck behind glass, with PINE bedding, let alone knowing people actually support this crap..

    (Sorry just had to vent)
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    The sad part is that many of these puppies are sick as well!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kimlovescats
    The sad part is that many of these puppies are sick as well!
    oh yes I can just see it now (Same girl I was talking about in the post above) Will probably end up spending more in vet bills just treating that "puppymill" puppy for various infections/parvo/kennel cough etc etc, then she would of IF she bought her puppy at a shelter or through a reputable breeder..... Such a waist for that poor puppy...
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    So, do these pet stores buy these puppies from mills, or how does that work?
    All pet stores should ban the selling of puppies and kittens and just hold adoptions. But how can we stop the madness!?!?!?
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    My husband and I went into a pet store here where we are about 3 or 4 months ago, and they had puppies in there that you could tell some of them were so sick, this one husky had yellow junk coming out of his nose, couple of the other ones had diarrea, i was so ticked off, I asked to speak to the manager and i reamed her up one side and down another, I think i embarrassed my husband a but that was just uncalled for, those poor babies, bad enough they are stuck behind that glass but to be sick like that and them not doing anything about it. The manager just kept trying to tell me to calm down and that they were being treated by a vet, I told her she was probably lying and that i was going to have the local police dept check her business out, I called them about it, I never could find out what happened though, and we have not been back.

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    Most people do not have a CLUE about the puppy mill behind the scenes events which get the pups into the pet stores.

    When Sugar flew in, there were 4 other dogs on the same flight. All puppies, all from puppy mill states, all Christmas presents. I had been speaking with some of the folks while we were all waiting for the flight to land and unload. (I made sure the kids weren't near by). One young man got so upset he said I had spoiled the dog for him and his girlfriend. Well, that wasn't what I was trying to do. I told him "you got the dog now, take good care of it, love it, and make sure others know."

    I think it needs to be publicized more; not too likely to happen, commerce makes the world go around, at least in this country.
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