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Thread: Fidji's show pictures

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    Fidji's show pictures

    Well, I finally recieved the rest of Fidji's show pictures from the summer. Despite being very much out of coat and just a baby (7,8,9 months) she had a fabulous show circuit. 4 show weekends alone put her as the #1 Belgian shepherd dog puppy in Canada, #4 herding breed puppy in Canada, and #22 all breed puppy stats. In 4 show weekends she achieved 18 Best of Breed wins, 11 Best Puppy in Groups, one Group 2, one Group 3, two Group 4's, and 4 Best Puppy in Shows!!!

    She's by far my best show dog, she absolutely loves it. I can't wait to take her out again in few years to special her. In the mean time we're just enjoying her company.

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    Oh wow, isn't she a beauty. Congratulations to you and her on all of those great achievements! That's quite an honor for a young pup. So good that she enjoys it too, I'm sure that adds a lot to her performance.
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    She's beautiful! Congratulations on your many awards! Hope you get even more in the future.

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    Congratulations on the awards, little Fidji! Nice photos Lovely doggy!!

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    Yay, beautiful Fidji! Congratulations, Fidji and Wolfsoul!
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    Good job Fidji! You're a beauty!

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    Oh wow thats a fair achievement for a youngster, well done.
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    What a beauty!

    Wow, such a beautiful dog. And she is a real winner, too. Congrats on having her win so many titles. I am happy that she loves shows. Just curious, why are you going to wait to show her again, or did I read that incorrectly? Are you going to breed her? Again, just curious. She really is a beauty. You are so lucky to have her....... Photos are nice......Thanks for sharing her.

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    Thanks everyone!

    Quote Originally Posted by sasvermont View Post
    Just curious, why are you going to wait to show her again, or did I read that incorrectly? Are you going to breed her?
    I can't afford to special her right now, and it'd be pointless to special her now anyways as she's so young; Though she'd do really well, she will do ALOT better if I wait two or three years, as then her chest will have dropped again, her rear will have improved, she'll have better muscle tone, and she'll have a nice adult coat. She's also bit on the small side so I'm hoping she'll grow another half inch or so. In the mean time I'll get her into rally-o and agility. Maybe not next year as I have a new baby on the way, but eventually! Yes, if she passes all of her health clearances I'll be breeding her. I look at potential males every day, but I'm fanatic about perfect matches, so I am very very picky. I think it will take me quite some time before I find somebody I feel is just right for her.

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