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Thread: R.I.P. Rufus

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    Knoxville, TN

    R.I.P. Rufus

    I just went into my room, and checked on Rufus, and he was gone. I think he's been the best hamster we ever had, and I knew something was gonna happen today. I could feel it, and it did. My computer is dying, and I lost my little boy.
    Rufus you were a special boy, and I loved you very much. Play hard at the RB, and say hi to Skippy, Snowball, and Tink for me. I love you Rufus.

    RIP Little Bit
    ♥Bri & Michael♥
    ♥Brennan, Bailey, Tallulah, Peach, Pepper, Phoebe, Pipsqueak, and Paisley♥

    In Loving Memory <3
    Roxy Lily Brennan

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    OMG I'm soooo sorry!

    RIP Rufus Bri will always have you in her thoughts and heart

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    Sorry to hear you little fuznugget is gone
    ~ ~ R. I. P Kirby 9/24/99 - 3/3/14 ~ ~
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    oh, I am so sorry. R.I.P. Rufus..
    Krista- owned by Rudy, Dixie, Miagi & Angel

    Rocky, Jenny, Ginger Buster & Tiger .. forever loved & always in my heart..

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    Oh I am sorry RIP little Rufus
    Nikki[human]and Cinnamon(2yos Tortieshell/Orange Tabby)
    Rest in Peace my sweet kitties Pumpkin(April2003-Sept 3,2013) and Zippy(Oct 1999-August 22,2015)
    I will always love and miss you both

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    I'm so sorry! RIP little cutie... you are always in our hearts
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    OMG... I am sooooo sorry Bri... he was such a great hamster RIP sweet heart, we all love you!

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    omg, I'm so sorry Bri! RIP Rufus, I know you were special... Have fun at the RB...
    Lola, the mutt, 2 years old

    Anita, the dachshund, 7 years old

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    Briana, sending heartfelt ((hugs)) to you . He was such an adorable little hammy. Please remember that everyone at PT is here for you if you ever feel down or in need to talk, and you can pm me ANYTIME as I remember the pain well from losing Foxy.

    Sleep well little Rufus. I'm sure Foxy and all your RB friends will help you settle in at the RB.

    Zimbabwe 07/13

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    I am so sorry. I just got home from school to see this? ((HUGS)) RIP Rufus.
    Mikey - [Pug/Beagle Mix] Chippewa - [DT Male Betta] Shawnee - [CT Betta] Cayuse - [Female Betta] Comanche - [DSC DT male]
    "I always felt that when someone introduces you to the outdoors, you come to feel like you owe them something. ‘Cause what they really gave you is a lifetime of memories, and a lifestyle you’ll always love. Of course I suppose the best way to pay them back is to be that person for someone else. "

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    Thank you, everyone.
    ♥Bri & Michael♥
    ♥Brennan, Bailey, Tallulah, Peach, Pepper, Phoebe, Pipsqueak, and Paisley♥

    In Loving Memory <3
    Roxy Lily Brennan

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