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Thread: * Happy 8th Month Birthday, Molly! ..

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    * Happy 8th Month Birthday, Molly! ..

    That's right.. Molly's 8 months today! (or so we say)

    Here are some before/after pictures of her on her pink chair. Sorry for it's condition. After all, it IS her chair. I've also included a little video I made of Molly. Enjoy!

    These first two pictures are of her at 5 months.

    And these two are from today.

    Video (let it load before you play to prevent skipping & freezing! You don't need to download it, so watch it! )

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    Aw, cute Molly! Happy 8 month birthday!

    Zimbabwe 07/13

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    Very Sweet!

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    Awww, Happy 8th month!!!!!!
    "To all the dogs I've loved before...Who traveled in & out my door...I'm glad you came along...I dedicate this song to all the dogs I've loved before"

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    Aww, look at that bouncy thang!! She is adorable, and looks like shes all personality! Happy 8 months Molly...heres to many many more

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    Awww, what a beautiful girl. Happy 8 month Birthday, Molly!

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