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  1. Anyone else with sick or special needs dogs?

    Im pretty sure Im the only person in existence with a dog with asthma..And yes we have switched his foods around and so far its not helped.All our dogs are currently eating Lamb and Rice...
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    Hi all, newbie here...

    Im a fellow pet lover/animal lover.
    I have three dogs, well actually five in our home but two belong to my son.My three are an elderly border collie, a chihuahua and a boston terrier.My son has two...
  3. We just adopted the one ig in July and she was...

    We just adopted the one ig in July and she was crate trained then.But she doesnt really use it now.We have two open crates in the house that they can sleep or hide in if needed and they do use them...
  4. Thread: Hand washing

    by Dogma5

    Poll: Yes I do

    Can you believe my kids are the ones that got me handwashing.Not that I didnt before but not every single time.
    I have an ocd son and he freaks if someone goes to the bathroom and doesnt wash thier...
  5. Helping Iggies through a truamatic change???

    My son who is currently living with us has two italian greyhounds.He spoils them rotten and they sleep with him every night.He is going to be going away soon for at least 5 months and leaving the...
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