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  1. thanxx

    thanx for the suggestions. no i hate it when ppl rescue the animals when they know the mother is around sumwhere. there was another baby rat...he died b/c dogs got a hold of him and i got the other...
  2. I need Rat Advice!! please help me!! my rat is dehydrated!

    hey guys. i need sum advice. i saved a newborn baby rat in my backyard about 7 days ago and hes now dehydrated...i dont have the money for a vet...i need advice on how to get him hydrated. i dont...
  3. Baby Rat Advice!! Please Help!!!

    hey guys my baby rat i rescued about 7 days ago is now dehydrated. and i dont have the money for a vet. i need advice! im giving him pedialyte right now...please please help. i dont want...
  4. Cmon Guys. i really need sum advice

    My poor rat is now dehydrated. i jsut got him sum Pedialyte so stop the dehydration..please please please. if u have any advice for me id rlly appreciate it. <33
  5. i need help! please give me baby rat advice!!!


    I just rescued a baby rat about 4 days ago from my dogs...his eyes arent even opened yet and his mother we think is dead and i dont know anything about a rat but i want to take care of...
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