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    Thanks for that. She is a gorgeous kittie and she...

    Thanks for that. She is a gorgeous kittie and she knows it! my other cat Shadow spends hours cleaning her. there both naughty little girls but they are loves of my life. and i wouldn't have it any...
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    What Breed is she???

    Hi guys its been a while since i've been on here, and theres just one thing i am hoping you can help me with and thats trying to determine what breed my 2yr old Amber is? i have enclosed a couple of...
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    sounds fun

    this sounds to me little normal kittie behaviour, like the other posts say. well if the kitten didn't do this i'd be concerned. everyone likes a comedian and cats are just that!.

    :p wraithguard.
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    when frontline doesn't work

    frontline takes 24hrs to get into the cats system, after that you may still notice the fleas fall off and jump to there deaths for around seven days. a constant regeime of hoovering to finish the job...
  5. bitting solution

    Right bitting is semi-normal i have 2 girls. one of which Shadow was 8weeks when i got her and shes fine, on the other hand Amber is now 2years old and only 5 weeks when i got her she would bite or...
  6. curiosity nearly killed your cat!!!

    sorry to hear about your distress, i found that with my cats most vet supplied stay-aways don't work. but i have found my cats cannot stand strong citrus smells i.e lemons and limes use either pure...
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