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  1. Kiwi's Moody Day...

    Well you know birds can be moody. My Emmy is sweet as sugar when she wants to be. But she bit the fire out of me a couple days ago for no reason - just had a bad day... but then we all have them. ...
  2. water bottles and skeeeery birds :)

    hmmm. you know birds are very afraid of new things in their cages many times. Anytime I get my babies something new for their cages, even a new toy, I will try to get them used to it little by...
  3. Yay for Kiwi!!

    I'm so glad Kiwi had a good day. Don't be discouraged if he has moody days.. we all do :p .... but you keep working with him and hopefully you'll have a lot more days like today than moody...
  4. Hi Kiwi :) I'm glad to hear you're working with...

    Hi Kiwi :) I'm glad to hear you're working with your little guy. It takes the patience of Job sometimes, but you have to keep it up. The worst mistake some ppl make is to try to give the bird "space"...
  5. Thread: Kelly

    by kathy1217

    This is *my* Kelly :)

    Oh how exciting :) My Kelly was chosen pet of the day :)!! She is a sweet little girl, and both she and I want to thank you for your sweet comments to her :) She will most definitely get some extra...
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    bunnies and dogs?

    Just a quick question.. I would LOVE to have a bunny, but I have a 5 month old Akita/Chow mix puppy (pic attached) who is quite territorial with other dogs. She has never bothered my birds (I have...
  7. biting lovebird

    Hi Kiwi... I dont know why I didnt see this sooner, but I had to reply when I saw your question. First, don't ever spray your little guy with water. That's terrifying to the bird if it's used as...
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    What beautiful kids :) as the mom to 4 feathered kids, and one puppy - lets not forget the iguana, Kelly, I can tell you I've seen the same scene at my house quite a few times. Shaynde is a...
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