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    My new Questions??

    :) Hello evey one I have sowm new questions now that the babys r born. Well I need to know how old they have to be before I can give them a way to new good homes? How do I tall if they u girl or...
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    Horray......It happend!!!!

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    :D :D :D :D
    To all that have helped me,
    Scotter had her babys born on may 24 time:? soem time between 6am amd 1pm. she had four one...
  3. U R Angels

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    ;) Thank u guys so much. U guys r angels for helping me out. I have learnd alot from u. I am going out as soon as posable and getting every thing I...
  4. Thank u all

    Thank u all for the info. It was a lot of help I have a cuople questions though.
    .When scotter goes in to layber will she make a lot a noice to let me know?
    .Should I move the male now or wait...
  5. Thanks

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    Thanks Karen for the info u could give me. I belive that she is about two to three weeks pregnant but I'm not posative I know that is how long she has...
  6. Scotter is pregnant WHAT DO I DO????

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    Hi! I'am a new comer to this site and I have a very important question? I have two ginny pigs. They both were suppose to be girls but in this past...
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