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  1. i hope this helps

    those baby gates that keep the baby from wondering off is a great choice we did it for my dog !!!
    Hilary (`~Rufus My Dog ~`):)
  2. i would consider....

    i would consider obedience school :) oh by the way welcome one of my friends dog was wild and they took it to obedience school and now it is the most kind dog now i hope that helped:)
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    how can my dog sense things

    Every morning an old man walks his dog my dog Rufus can sense them coming even when hes inside my house how do dogs do that some people say that sound travels through the ground but i need your...
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    Nanoo(k)!!!:D ~hilary

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    I hAve...

    i have a Jack Russel Terrier He's so cute!!!!!:D
  6. Does anyone have a Jack Russell terrier?

    Does anyone have a cute loveable Jack Russell Terrier like me?:)
  7. I'm New here how do you check messages?

    could you plz help me learn how to check my messages!:rolleyes:
  8. Is My dog the only one that can talk

    my dog is very unique he can talk:D he is the coolest dog he can say meow and my sister holds up his bunny and tells him to say ob blah blah blah blah blah and he repats that isn't that...
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