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  1. Moe, COTD Nov 3, 2010 has crossed the Rainbow Bridge

    23 years, 8 months, 9 days of a tiny miracle.
    RIP my beloved little friend. You are the proudest accomplishment of my life.
    I cherish the time, however short in human years, and am humbled by your...
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    Garfield Looks Like My Moe (COTD 11/3/2010)

    Congrats on having a beautiful Turkish Angora!! May he have a long life. He looks very much like my Moe, who was COTD on 11/3/2010, only Moe's blue eye is on the left (looking head-on).
    What a...
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    Thanks from Moe and His Mom!!

    Thanks to you all for the wonderful correspondence and wishes as we celebrate a truly remarkable little life today. He's a walking miracle and I treasure each and every day he's with me. My life...
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