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    Diamond Jim (DJ) Remembrance

    I was lucky to be this cats steward. He never was a rough cuss but he
    had his moments....of let's just say aloofness. He was one cool customer.
    He liked to be the neigborhood strommer.
    As a...
  2. Sniffing out this site!

    As soon as I figure my way around this site ...I would like to add some
    pics....I may need some help. Still Sniffing!
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    Fence Jumper

    Howdy All!
    Alphaskunk here......My Goldie Lox will not let a vehicle drive
    into my driveway without jumping my 4' fence to get a good
    gander at who has driven up. She's the most loving dog in the...
  4. Howdy Howl! From Alphaskunk,Goldie & Polly& Angel

    [B]Howdy Howl to All!
    We Just found your site and we would like to introduce ourselves!
    Goldie Lox is a Chow/Lab mix
    Polly is a Chow/Heinz 57 mix
    Angel is my shoulder riding cat
    Alphaskunk is...
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