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    I am not an expert in dog care, and I am still...

    I am not an expert in dog care, and I am still learning some about dogs. But I have a beagle who will poo on our bed if we let him in our bedroom. especially if we leave him home alone that day. I...
  2. Thank you for your help on my dog bit my son...

    I thank you all for your advise on the matter. My whole family has advised me to rid of an aggressive dog because "if a dog bites once, he'll bite again" and "what if he bites someone else's kid?"...
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    My dog bit my

    My family has a 14 mos old beagle. He has an aggressive streak in him. All other times he is an adorable mush. We have a 6 mos husky female. When we got her, our beagle started to get aggressive...
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    We have established dominance over him by laying...

    We have established dominance over him by laying him on his back and putting our hands around his throat until he stops growling at us. We also grab him by the snout and hold it closed till he stops...
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    Dog agression to other dog

    I have a 1 year old male beagle. He growled at my son and I when we would discipline him. He would at times bite us as well. He would not bite my husband. We were told that we had to establish...
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