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  1. Your very welcome & thank you and thank you for...

    Your very welcome & thank you and thank you for watching them!! I get so happy when I see her, yet so heartbroken too. There will never be another Fancy. Thank you for viewing. It means a...
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    I'm so lonely... its so different without my best...

    I'm so lonely... its so different without my best friend, my sidekick
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  4. How long does it take for cats to grieve?

    I was wondering, how long it takes for cats to grieve the loss of the other fellow cat?

    After Fancy passed, my mother's cat was howling for her.
  5. Fancy

    well Fancy was already named that when we picked her up, but it did fit Fancy quite well. She was the boss, she was a princess.... lol. Fancy was the first cat we actually got between the one other...
  6. Thank you. It helped

    Thank you. It helped
  7. Please forgive me...did not explain

    Forgive me I did not explain everything. We are watching this cat & we have another cat at home. The times that this new cat has been out, the two cats always have fought. I don't know when my...
  8. we are watching her right now temporarily & we...

    we are watching her right now temporarily & we keep her in the bathroom. The door is closed but she goes to the damn door & the outside rim of the door & just scratches til someone comes in
  9. water bottle? Does it work & how long?

    I am loosing sleep because this 1 year old cat we have developed a bad habit... scratching at the door.

    Does the water bottle work & how long did it take for your cat to stop the bad habit???

  10. Fancy Memorial Videos Please Enjoy these

    There is many more on...
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    Cat-Sitter DVD

    Fancy loved watching this dvd!!!!:love:
  12. Where Would I be Able to Post Videos of My Cat??

    I really really want everyone here to enjoy my cat! She was a great cat.

    Where can I post youtube videos????:love:
  13. Fancy Couldn't Meow

    Fancy would not be able to meow like a regular cat. She would open her mouth to meow but nothing would come out lol. Maybe a little "eh" "eh" .. kind of sound. It was so cute!!:):love:

    Also she...
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    thats such a good idea. I've been thinking that...

    thats such a good idea. I've been thinking that when I'm gone, Fancy will even be in my will when / if I even make one. I know though, I do want her to be with me when I'm gone though.:love:
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    thanks everyone. It means a lot. I have no.......

    thanks everyone. It means a lot. I have no.... reason, anymore. I have no schedule. Believe me, when I woke up Fancy always, always came first.

    Now... nothings first. I've been ill since her...
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    Fancy my best friend, 3 weeks ago today

    My beloved cat & my best friend who I don't even know where to begin talking about, passed away 3 weeks ago today. I am not used to not having her around with me, she was my baby. Fancy was...
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    I have visited that site and while it is a very...

    I have visited that site and while it is a very nice site, I don't have the means to have her in there. I can't afford it.
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    Scattering Ashes

    I was wondering first of all I don't know where to put this so please forgive me if it does not belong here

    my cat's urn is a beautiful wood and to scatter ashes I have to unscrew the bottom. My...
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    I love it!!

    I"m new here and I don't quite know where to put certain questions I have.

    I know they are all around in spirit ... but since she passed I have not felt her prescence.:( How do...
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    New Member ; Crazy Cat Lady

    Hello everyone its my first time here. My names Tiffany, I live in VA. I'm a cat crazy woman. lol.

    I just lost my best friend, we had her for 6 years and these past three weeks feel like...
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